About Us


At WcSystems, our mission is to be a prominent player in the global semiconductor industry providing our customers with total satisfaction through on time delivery of quality products and services.

About WcSystems Corporation

WcSystems Corporation is a competitive integrated circuit design and design services company that designs, markets, and manufactures high performance electro-optical sensors, incremental and absolute encoders, fiber optic receivers and magnetoresistive hall-effect sensors integrated solutions.

Our target markets include the commercial electronics, medical, automotive and various government industries. Our sensors are designed in CMOS and Bipolar technologies. WcSystems works with top wafer foundries with facilities world wide to design and fabricate its products. We have formed strategic alliances with industry leaders to Assembly/Package and Test (Wafer, Final Test (FT) and Quality Assurance (QA)) our products.

WcSystems operates in a design and delivery mode offering both custom and catalog products that meet market demands and the demands or our customers.

Our Strengths

  • Award Winning Management team with over 4 decades of experience
  • World-wide wafer and assembly manufacturing facilities
  • On-time delivery of quality products and services
  • All designs simulated and back annotated over PT

At WcSystems Corporation, our standard is to provide excellent service. We take pride in offering our customers exceptional quality products and services at every point of contact, whether it be from the manner in which our receptionists answer the phone, to the quality of workmanship and dedication that goes into our products. If you are interested in a career at WcSystems, contact us.

WcSystems Corporation designs both CMOS and Bipolar Optical Sensors, Hall Effect Sensors, Fiber Optic Receiver Sensors and Encoders (Absolute/Incremental) targeting our customers unique applications. We also provide Design Services working closely with our customers to design products that are tailored to meet their unique application requirements.


Here at WcSystems Corpration, we believe our biggest asset is our employees working together as a team to bring our customers total satisfaction through quality products and services. We care about the customers we service and the employees who service them.