Federal Services

WcSystems Corporation Federal Consulting Design Services

Our value added proposition is making sure the customer is happy with the products and services by providing a complete design solution that increases their chance of first silicon success and reduces their time to market. WcSystems will work with your team of engineers to develop a complete sensor solution. We work with our customers to develop the product specifications, design the integrated sensor products and assist in developing both probe and final test plans for product testing. We will then package samples to test over the required temperature and processes to confirm products meet or exceed the customer’s specification. Once products have met the test specifications, WcSystems Corporation if required, will work with the customer to qualify the products.

At WcSystems Corporation, we design sensors to enhance our customer’s productivity. We are in the business of designing quality sensors specifically manufactured for your unique company application needs. Designing tailor-made sensors takes a dedicated and committed team of engineers. We are that team, bringing you these unique capabilities and commitment to provide you with quality products and services.